Liquid fuel sales and distribution

We will manage your fuel supply requirements from the refinery to your tank. With Kamoso as your petroleum provider, you can rest assured that sourcing
and delivering your fuel is our priority and you will receive your product according to specification through a process that is smooth from start to finish.

Sales management and technical support

We will provide the necessary sales support to ensure that the levels of service as agreed in our contract, as well as to manage the relationship between
Kamoso and its customers.

Quality Assurance

The provision of a quality management system forms an important element of our commitment to giving you the customer - quality service.


Kamoso has plans to establish a transport and logistics company that offers the petroleum industry with an empowerment vehicle that can move bulk products on their behalf.


Petrol ULP 95
Petrol ULP/LRP 93
Diesel 50, 500, 5000ppm
Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO)
Jet A1 Fuel l
All Aviation Fuels
Illuminating Paraffin
Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG)
Complete range of bituminous products
White Spirits