Adhoc Products

Kamoso also provides the following adhoc products

 Kamoso has a complete range of automotive lubricants from basic engine oils to top tier multi-grade diesel engine oils suitable for highly Turbo charged high performance diesel engines.

In addition we supply transmission oils from passenger car gearboxes to heavy duty differentials.
All products are manufactured to international standards utilizing virgin base oils and approved additive systems.

We can supply industrial lubricants from hydraulic oils to heavy duty gearbox oils with all the other products in between.
A wide variety of different type of greases for many applications and conditions are available.

Various types of soaps, base oil viscosity and additives are all variables which makes the extensive range of our greases unique and extremely effective. Our range of Rock drill greases is available in disposable tubes or in larger containers.

Through our strategic alliance with Aquila Lubricants we are also able to offer a service to develop greases to match customer’s specific requirements and
to toll manufactured products into their own containers. 

We can supply biodegradable degreasers for the mining industry. Our range runs from solvent based degreasers to highly effective water based nonflammable degreasers. 
 Our range of solvent based degreasers is SABS approved. We can package our solvents in aerosol canisters should this be required by the customer