Kamoso Fuel and Gas (Pty) Ltd. is an independent procurer of petroleum products that markets and supplies to commercial customers, government and parastatals who use high volumes of petroleum products. We are a South
African based company operating throughout Southern Africa with our head office located in Northriding, Johannesburg.

Our company is built on a firm entrepreneurial spirit, underpinned by safety performance and environmental protection and we strive to provide customers with integrated energy services of the highest quality and value. “Kamoso” meaning “the future” has a vision to be a major player that delivers on customer requirements.

The company is 100 percent owned and directed by individuals classified as previously disadvantaged individuals (PDIs) and therefore classifies as an affirmative business enterprise that seeks to establish itself as one of the leading and progressive fuel wholesale companies in South Africa. We encourage large corporates to procure from companies such as Kamoso as this supports the growth and sustainability of black-owned or black empowered businesses that finally leads to their integration into the mainstream economy.

Kamoso, is focused firstly on understanding its clients’ businesses and needs, and aims to build its profitability on this shared value. It does not compromise on customer satisfaction in pursuit of economic profit.

We will manage your fuel supply requirements from the refinery to your tank. With Kamoso as your petroleum provider, you can rest assured that sourcing and delivering your fuel is our priority and you will receive your product according to specification through a process that is smooth from start to finish.

We give attention to detail and place a strong emphasis on customer service.

The following fuels can be supplied:

· Petrol 95 ULP
· Petrol 93 LRP/ULP
· Diesel 50, 500, 5000ppm
· Heavy Fuel Oil
· Jet A1 Fuel l
· Aviation Fuel
· Illuminating Paraffin
· LPG/Propane
· Complete range of bituminous products
· White Spirit


The members of Kamoso recognise the need to conduct the affairs of the organization with integrity and in accordance with generally accepted corporate practices. We are committed to upholding the governance principles incorporated in the Code of Corporate Practices and Conduct set out in King III Report.

The Board consists of five members with the exception of the Chief Executive, who is an ex officio member, all members of the Board are non-executive directors nominated by shareholders for a period of one year.

The Board meets quarterly and is responsible for setting the overall policy and regulates the implementation thereof.


Kamoso Fuel and Gas is constantly looking at investing in major companies operating in South Africa and internationally that have direct and ancillary operations in the oil & energy sector.

Social Investment

Kamoso identified a number of worthy community organisations primarily from the Eastern Cape to be beneficiaries of our Social Responsibility efforts. These are very well represented broad based groups consisting of an impressive spectrum of 9 previously disadvantaged groups.