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Kamoso is focused firstly on understanding  its clients businesses and needs, and aims to build its profitability on this shared value. It does not
Compromise on customer satisfaction in pursuit of economic profit.With a thorough understanding of the South African fuel, lubricant and mining
industries, as well as a sound grasp on the legislation that governs trade, we are able to reduce costs for our clients, ensure competitive prices, achieve
market share targets and ensure a degree of profitability.

Becoming a world-class leader in energy solutions is not just our mission – it has become our working model. Whether we are sourcing superior quality
petroleum products at globally competitive rates, or importing and wholesaling mining consignments or leaf/tobacco products, we add value and exceed
expectations at every turn.
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The members of Kamoso recognise the need to conduct the affairs of the organization with integrity and in accordance with generally accepted corporate practices, and are committed to upholding the governance principles incorporated in the Code of Corporate Practices and Conduct set out in King II Report.

The Board consists of five members with the exception of the Chief Executive, who is an ex officio member, all members of the Board are non-executive directors nominated by shareholders for a period of one year. The Board meets quarterly and is responsible for setting the overall policy and regulates the implementation thereof.


Our vision is to become a trusted procurer of petroleum products that has a highly engaged leadership and workforce that provides its customers with the highest quality
and Value

As a company, Kamoso strives to ingrain: Mutual trust and respect. Fair and Ethical conduct. Customer commitment. Employment Equity. Participation, Empowerment and teamwork. Transparency and accountability. Recognition and reward for excellence. Socially and environmentally responsive.

Highest standards of quality. Cost competitiveness. One of the fastest growing black wholesalers in the industry. After service support at no additional cost. Well supported by major oil companies (Sasol, PetrolSA, Engen, Total, Shell, BP&Vittol). Black female ownership